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Driving new clients or customers to your local business doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s take your site from “glorified business card” to “Sales and Lead Generating Machine!”

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The Singletrack Sales Machine Method

Possibilites Audit

Building a plan and discovering how your business stacks online with the competition is the KEY. This phase is a very DEEP dive into your entire web presence and is where we lay out a plan going forwards to make things happen.

Overhaul for Ranks

It’s time for ACTION! From here your site is optimized in every way so that customers will start to find you through Google and other search engines. This approach covers over 200+ aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your business stand out.

Steady Growth

The work is not done the second we’ve optimized your existing content. Now we are going to be working on landing more links to your website (following Googles guidelines) and building new content to grow your audience and rankings all around. This is where the real results lie over time!


Your In-Depth Overview and Action Taking Plan

Let’s take an overall look at your website compared to the competition and see what it’s going to take to start landing more business online. This actionable audit covers your ENTIRE online presence and features tons of quick tips to help you move the needle with your site and start landing business online.

We ask for a one-time payment of $197 to cover the audit. This will be discounted off any plan going forwards should you choose one!


“I have been working with Connor for about 6 months now and have nothing but good things to say. He takes a very hands on approach to learn about my business to develop the right strategy for maximizing ROI. He is incredibly knowledgable and I can honestly say that I know exactly what is going on each month which is what I have struggled with in every partnership prior to working with Single Track SEO. Its no longer a mystery as to were my monthly budget goes. I would highly recommend! “

– Dom Rosacci / Superior Ink Printing

“Being a small grassroots non-profit built on kindness we did not have the budget to build a new commerce site and migrate both our outdated websites. We not only had a limited budget but very little knowledge of how to make this a successful project. Connor not only did an incredible job with building our new and efficient site, but he was patient and always welcomed our questions. I would recommend Singletrack SEO for building new sites, migrating old sites, and well-rounded perspective and knowledge.”

– Madison Steiner / Hustle Kindness

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