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You’re driven to grow your business to the next level…

And it can be tough to grow past the word of mouth and referral stage that’s brought you this far.  You want to grow your company with new clients, and you’ve mastered the art side of the equation.  Being great at what you do has helped you get this far, but now you want to take it further.

A steady flow of clients who seek you out would change everything.

That’s Where I Can Help.

Clients / Customers are searching everyday for your business.  Some are going through recommendations of friends, and the remainder are looking online…

Using Google.

I help companies just like yours get found on Google.  So when the next lead types in a search, your business shows up and they contact you first.

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Why Singletrack?

I’ve been building websites for over 17 years (and though I look 17 in my picture, I’m actually 30). My experiences include running a full fledged e-commerce store at www.concretecoast.com, professional photography for over 10 years with images published all over the world at Getty Images, and web design consulting built around SEO/Content Marketing with multiple businesses over the past several years.

I’ve always loved analytics and creative writing. Through the combo I can see what will work to get your site ranked, and generate content that is helpful and enjoyable to read for your customers/clients. I’m based in Denver, CO and live with my wife Kelly, and two adorable little boys, Chase and Blake.

SEO is not a dark art. You’ll know what I’m doing.

My work always follows the best practices for Google so you can be sure you won’t get hit by any penalties and lose traffic.  SEO is not a short term process, it will take 3 months or longer before you see many results, it’s a proven method that can bring new clients in year after year.

It’s always been my belief that anything I do needs to be done to it’s best possible outcome, and I deliver that to every client I work with. I’m in this because I love to see companies succeed.

Proven 4 – Step Process

Research + Site Plan

I’ll dive into your website and see how your competitors are ranking.  This phase is all about building a strategy and plan for your site.

Site Overhaul

Here I go into your website and make all the keyword and technical changes from our plan so that Google prefers your site over your competitors.  It’s the core component of any SEO strategy.

Link Building

Google features websites it trusts.  Links coming to your site from other trusted sites, shows Google that these sites think your site is worth a visit.  Having more high quality links will move you up the ranks.  We will work together to build reputable links to grow your site.


Do you trust a company you’ve never heard of with no reviews?  We will work with you to build a plan for obtaining reviews from previous clients, and for engaging recent ones.  Turns out Google loves reviews too and trusts companies that have more, bringing them up in the ranks.

Request a Free 5 Minute Video Audit