//Basics of Local SEO

Basics of Local SEO

SEO sounds like a term designed to intimidate. And when you meet with some SEO’s they talk in a language that almost seems foreign and too technical.

But at the root of it all lies some very simple concepts that will help you understand what to do to crush SEO and drive new visitors to business regularly.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is how Google separates out websites by relevance. If you are in Denver, CO and looking for a gym to join, you probably want Google to show you Denver gyms…. Not one in Los Angeles!

Local SEO is Google’s way of making this happen.

Why does Google work so hard to give the best and most relevant results?

Google’s primary job is to deliver customer satisfaction. They want you to always use them as your search engine and have clearly done a great job making this happen. Most searches are performed on Google.

But if you were to search on Google and not find the right result regularly, you’d probably switch to Bing or Yahoo. This is why they work hard to ensure you get the best local results for local businesses, and the best results possible for any search.

SEO is all about optimizing your site to help Google list it properly for the most relevant results.

The key factors of Local SEO:

Content – Your content should reflect your location so Google understands where you are. It also needs to be highly relevant and provide a great user experience, addressing any questions and concerns they have and helping them choose your business over other options.

Technical – There’s hundreds of factors on your site that affect how likely Google is to index it. You’ll want to make sure it’s setup in Google Search Console and sitemap is submitted. That’s just the start for technical work.

Reviews – Would you trust a listing with no reviews? Probably not…. And Google tends to trust those listings far less as well. Setup your Google Places for your business and verify ownership. Then get all new and previous customers to send in reviews. The more the better!

Quality Links – Links from OTHER websites is how Google finds your site and continues to move it up the rankings. Think of links as a popularity contest. If a great website links to you, it shows that your site is great as well. But more importantly, the great website should link in a natural way. Meaning that the link is relevant to your business and theres and fits in with their site’s content.

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