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102 Fitness Gym Marketing Strategies

This is the most comprehensive list of fitness marketing strategies online. Many of these will be very effective for your gym. The key to succeeding with any strategy is to give it a lot of focus and go deep, rather than a scattered approach to multiple strategies. So if you’re looking to grow your gym … Read More

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10 Reasons Not to Hire an SEO

SEO is a real business that delivers real results when performed by REAL professionals. However, there are a lot of reasons why SEO might not be good for your business, or a positive match for your beliefs.  Here’s our top 10 reasons why you SHOULD NOT hire an SEO. You believe that SEO is a … Read More

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Importance of Content in SEO – Content is King

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet, especially in SEO where “experts” will spin a point of view to get more visits to their site.  One person is telling you “content is king”’, another say’s that Googles so smart you don’t need much content.  Let’s talk about each and look at this from … Read More