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Fitness SEO is a powerful tool for bringing new clients in for your Fitness Gym or Personal Training business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the reason we were able to help you find this page and can help your gym to actually be found online!

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Why should you focus on your gym’s SEO?

New clients are the core of any fitness business. We’d all love to keep the same ones forever, but there’s fallout seasonally. Plus, you are most likely interested in growing your business for new equipment, hiring more staff, and a stronger financial flow!

Below are a few steps you can start on your own to help get your gym SEO built up:

  • Google My Business Listing: If you don’t have one of these yet, it’s an absolute must. Listing your business on Google will help your fitness center get found by residents and visitors in your area. You’ll want to setup a card or notice on your storefront for customers to leave a review if they had a great experience. Reviews prove to both Google and clients, that it’s a great business that should be recommended. Here’s the link to get this process started: Google My Business
  • Make sure your gym is indexed on Google search console and a sitemap is submitted. There’s a great plugin you can download for your WordPress based website called Yoast SEO. It’s free and has a guided process to help you get a sitemap built up and link your site into Search Console. That’s likely the easiest way to go about this process. Here’s a guide from Yoast on how to submit your site to Google: How to Add Your Website To Google Search Console
  • Mention your location and what your business does clearly inside an H1 tag on the home page. Something like “Denver’s best Gym”…. Include the areas you serve as well and place a map on the contact page. These are all indicators to Google that help them show your listing for your location. An H1 tag is HTML code that says to Google that this contains some of the most important content on the page. Normal text is in a paragraph tag like this <p>. H1 stands for “Heading 1”.
  • Blog to answer your clients potential questions. You most likely hear things like “Is there a signup fee?” “Am I locked in my contract”? “How qualified are your personal trainers?” Addressing these right on the site helps you rank for more keywords, but also makes it so that you no longer have to answer these questions on the phone and in person as often. It’s a big win in many ways! This can also easily be done by adding a single FAQ page with all the questions and answers in one spot.

What’s the key to better gym seo rankings?

Developing a strong plan that will help your site get in front of the right eyes. An actionable SEO plan will be different for every single business, even businesses that appear to be the same on the outside. It varies based on location, nature of the business, clientele, etc…. And it all starts with an in-depth audit of your site to see what’s needed most!

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