Is SEO Worth It?

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The million dollar question… maybe the billion dollar question… Is SEO worth it?

Let’s first think about the online marketplace in regards to traditional shops.  If you opened up a store, you’d want people to be able to find it. So you’d likely look for a location where your target customer would shop.

If you opened up in a back alley and no one ever came by, you would never generate any revenue.

On top of that, you’d likely want some press to cover your opening including newspapers and any media outlets you could think of.  You might even network with other shops to create some type of partner deals that are mutually beneficial.

So what do most people think when they open up a shop online?  They assume it’s in a high traffic area and that their product is unique enough that people will just find it, or maybe they could run some facebook ads and that’s all it takes.

It’s a funny idea really and a trap that we actually fell in with several online businesses before getting into SEO and learning what it means to market.  We assumed that building a great looking site that was better than the competition meant it would rank better and people would find it right away.

The Truth About Selling Online

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The truth is an entirely different story.  With over 1 trillion websites online, it’s actually pretty tough to be found, far more difficult than a physical location.

Your shop may be the best looking and selling the best products around, but people can’t find it without proper SEO or ad campaigns.  

Proper SEO brings your shop in front of the right target audience.  Not only is it like having a physical location in a high traffic area, now it’s like having a physical location in an area populated with only customers who are interested.

It’s all about getting found online for the things your customers are looking for when they are already looking.  And doing this requires a lot of techniques that also relate to traditional brick and mortar shops.

One of these similarities is link building. To be found by Google and ultimately your customers, you need to be a site that’s trustworthy and recommended.  Just like how a shop may partner with other local shops to offer deals to each other’s customers.

Is SEO Worth It?

But to really answer “is SEO worth it?” It’s all about the numbers.  Cold, hard, numbers. And for local businesses like roofers, plumbers, fitness gyms, etc… it’s going to drive a lot of new business when executed correctly, in some cases turning an entire business around!

For businesses that serve a specific area, local SEO provides a real advantage in that Google runs searches just like a physical shop.  

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So if you were in a specific neighborhood in the real world, you might see a billboard for a local plumbing service.  Likewise, if you pulled out your phone and typed in “plumbing service” in the same area, (which means you are likely ready to buy…) you’ll see a local result that’s close to where you are.

On a national level, SEO is a much larger undertaking since the competition is so strong.  

But all it really comes down to is the number of new leads or sales.  And SEO is a way to get in front of your customers and drive these. It’s not as fast as paid advertising, but the work you put in doesn’t stop the second you stop paying.  

SEO continues to provide new leads even if you stop working on it.  Sometimes you’ll be passed up by competitors and need to put in more work, but if you pay attention to the data you can keep attracting the right new leads day after day.

So if you are looking to grow your business online, it might be the solution you are after.  

If you aren’t sure that your site will be benefit, please reach out to us here and we can take a quick look to see your business and model.  If it’s not a good fit for SEO, we will let you know. There are businesses that don’t need SEO and we only take on clients that we are positive can use the help.

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