Slow sites lose rankings as Google strives to make the internet a better experience for searchers. The problem with most web designers is they focus solely on the design side, with no attention to speed. We take your site and dive deep into the code to optimize for speed. You’ll notice that the site loads faster and provides a much better experience. This plan is specifcally for WordPress websites.



Per month for FIRST 2 months

After Just $975/month

This is the plan most clients choose. If you’re looking to increase rankings and take the load off your team, it’s the plan for you. These plans run for 6 months initially to drive the best possible results as we constantly adjust and evaluate strategies. This is an in-depth as it gets and covers all technical, on-page, and links. Every single aspect of your site is optimized.




Web designers generally do a great job building a clean looking site. However, these sites are rarely optimized for Google. We implement all the technical and content changes to set your site for stronger rankings. From there, we build out a plan for your future content and link building strategies to guide you in your own efforts. We lay the foundation, you take it from there.

Like many services based businesses, pricing for SEO can be all over the board.  There are a whole lot of factors that an SEO agency considers when building out pricing for each business they work with.  Here are some key things to know as you are searching for the right SEO agency to hire.

Cheap plans promising a certain count of keywords don’t yield results.

This one always gets us.  What does it mean to promise a certain amount of keywords?  These agencies typically won’t tell you what the keywords will be, just that you’ll rank on the first page for 10 keywords.  They might be completely irrelevant.  Results are all that matters.  Not quantity of keywords.

Packaged SEO is generally not specific enough to help your business

If a company does the same exact plan for every site they work with, it probably is somewhat effective.  However, by not being specific and building a plan for each site, they aren’t delivering the best results, just “some” results.

Work with agencies who really take the time to go in-depth on your site before you even pay them.  These are the guys who care.

Focus on pricing built around results, not pricing built around hours worked.

A lot of businesses focus on hourly rates.  These make sense and are what most people are used to.  However, it’s been proven that hourly rates don’t deliver the best work.  Sometimes, agencies run up the clock doing filler work, or they don’t prioritize any modifications to a site that would truly move the needle.

Hourly rates work best for very specific and redundant tasks.  SEO doesn’t fall into this category.  It’s broad and includes a wide array of different areas of focus.  

In the end, are you more concerned with the amount of time the agency spent on your site, or the results they delivered?

White hat is the way to go.  Paying for links will come back and bite you.

A lot of SEO companies (specifically cheap SEOs) focus only on links.  Links are important but they don’t drive real results.  Black hat SEO is when a website is optimized or linked to in a way that goes against Google’s best practices.  

One of the most common black hat SEO methods is paying for link services.  These links are often not effective, but even worse, can be picked up by Google and eventually hurt your site.

White hat techniques rarely focus heavily on link building.  The strategy here is to develop natural links that make sense from trusted businesses.  The type of links Google loves to see and gives you better rankings for.

Never trust promised ranking positions.

Google holds the cards.  No SEO can guarantee a position because we don’t know everything Google does and why they rank sites the way they do sometimes.  

If an SEO business promises position 1 for a keyword, or for several, don’t bother working with them.

Your SEO won’t get “hurt” if you stop paying for services for a month.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, it actually doesn’t have any feelings…

This is a common concern we’ve heard from clients and friends.  The agency they worked with previously made it seem that if they discontinued services, the SEO rankings would stop immediately.  

The money you pay your SEO has no direct relation to your positions!

How do we price our SEO services?

Like we said above, don’t trust an SEO company that promises positions.  Our services vary depending on just what your site needs, and before we work with you, we do an in-depth audit to see how we can help and what it’s going to take.