Roofer SEO Keywords

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Finding the right roofing keywords is vital to a strong local SEO strategy that will generate more leads.  

There are lots of tools available to help you research keywords for SEO, but most come with a monthly cost.  Our personal favorite is, after working with several of the top-rated tools, we found this solution to deliver the best results, but also at a great price point.

The key to successful keyword research is having a strategy and knowing what to look for.  Start your search by looking for words that are less competitive and more descriptive. This is what we call a long tail keyword.  Basically a multi word phrase, as opposed to a single word.

Here’s an example of a basic keyword that’s tough to rank:

Roofing Company

And here’s a modified long tail keyword that is far less competitive:

Denver Asphalt Shingle Roofing Company

Next, it needs to actually receive traffic.  A keyword that no one searches is completely useless, even if it’s extremely easy to rank for.

The tools you use for keyword research will let you know what kind of traffic a word receives.  For example, the term “Roofing SEO Keywords” gets 40 visits per month. Not many but enough to make it worthwhile.

Here’s a general list of roofing keywords that will help you start researching, the term “location” can be your city, county, state, or even a small suburb or town where you’re based.  The more granular you get the easier it will be to rank.

Snow covered cabin during the winter.

Just make sure there’s enough searches for the roofing keywords you choose!

  • [location] roofing company
  • [location] roofer
  • [location] roofers
  • [location] roofing business
  • [location] roofing contractor
  • [location] re roof
  • [location] roof repair
  • [location] roofing services
  • [location] residential roofing

Using roofing keywords on your site is almost a form of art.  If you know a business that is already doing well in the SEO world, you can check out their site and see how they approach this and replicate for your location.

For more information about how we rank sites in the roofing industry, check out our page here.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or are looking for a full SEO strategy to grow your roofing company.

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