The screen printing business is one of our favorites to work with for SEO and web design.  Printers are creative and driven people with grand visions for their companies who embody that do-it-yourself mentality and produce real art.

The problem a lot of screen printing companies face is growing past the word of mouth and referral stage and competing in the online marketplace.   Customers are searching every day for screen printers in their area and if your site shows up on the first page of Google, you’re the most likely to get the lead!





We’ve helped screen printers drive multiple new leads every day to their site through Google searches using our transparent SEO approach that covers over 200 factors.

Our method is very hands on and encompasses the entire site and marketing efforts.  We believe in making a site as useful to potential and current clients as possible to save time and frustrated phone calls for everyone involved.

By addressing all the customers potential concerns on the site, the sales and closing process becomes easier than ever.  It also makes your shop the expert in your area on all things screen printing.

SEO Mapping Plan

Every client we take on receives an in-depth audit and approach that’s custom tailored to what will actually move the needle and deliver the results they are hoping to achieve.

Since we dive deep into your whole site, we also evaluate the current website and hosting solution to determine if a redesign is needed to help the process.  Clean and current looking websites will drive far more conversions than a dated one.

Screen Print Shop SEO Rankings Increase

Before we worked in SEO, our founder ran a t-shirt company called Concrete Coast for over 5 years and learned all the ins and outs of screen printing.  His in-depth knowledge on every aspect of the industry makes it easy to create new content for sites and handle all aspects of the site design and SEO.

You won’t have to spend time explaining your business and how screen printing works.  Plus you can rest assured that the site will show your business at it’s best and most professional, while still retaining your branding.

We’d love to check out your site and give you some actionable tips that will help you rank.  Fill out the request below and we will get back to you shortly with our thoughts!

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