SEO for Landscapers

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Are you looking to grow your landscaping business and land new leads on a consistent basis?

There are literally thousands of different ways to sell and market your landscaping services, but the most effective methods involve thinking just like your customer.

SEO for landscapers is a great way to help your customers find you when, and where, they need your services the most.

Nice house with great looking trees.

The key to thinking like a landscaping client is to imagine what you’d do if you needed work done.  You might try reaching out through friends and family to see who they use, but in addition you’ll most likely look up services near you (along with their reviews) using an online search through Google or Bing.

Chances are high that you’ll click on one of the first 5 businesses you see.  You’ll click on the one that has the most trustworthy name, and the most reviews.

This is exactly what potential new leads are doing every day to find your landscaping services.  They are typing in something like “Landscaper near me”, “Denver landscaping”, etc…. and the search site is delivering the best and most relevant results in that area.

So how do we perform SEO for landscapers to drive ranks?

At Singletrack SEO, we evaluate over 200 different factors on your site to make sure it’s going to rank well on Google, and to ultimately help convince customers that you are the best solution for their landscaping needs. (Assuming that you are, we don’t want to work with clients that aren’t running a great business!)

We take an active approach to create content on your site that addresses every concern a client might have, and monitor conversion rates to make sure it’s driving them to fill out a form or give you a call.

By addressing these concerns up front, you’ll be asked less questions about your service and have a more educated lead that’s ready to hire your services.

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What are the first steps in landscaping SEO?

Before we dive in, we perform an in-depth site audit to see what’s missing from a technical standpoint, what content is needed, if your site needs an overhaul in styling for conversions, and compare your back links and rankings to the competition to see what it will take to start showing up on Google searches.

From there we build a plan that’s fully customized to your landscaper website needs. Many agencies slap a template on every project and group them together, but we believe every case is different.

This plan includes landscaping keywords that we research to target the most relevant and quality terms that are at the bottom of your funnel.  Terms that will bring the leads that are ready to hire to your site first.

How do you know if SEO is right for your site?

But, before we dive into all this, we’d love to do a short video audit of your site and share our findings.  In our videos we include details about what your competitors are doing that’s working, and quick changes you can make right away.  Fill out the form below to get started:

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