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Wedding photography is a seriously high pressure art form.  It’s an area that as photographers before starting our SEO business, we never attempted.  (We specialized in action sports, which is intense, but far less risky for a couple extreme sports enthusiasts!)

Weddings are THE day that people treasure most and agree to be the best day of their lives. The most precious moments possible, and they want to hire only the best photographer that they can afford!

Is that photographer you? But how do you land more wedding photography clients?  

There’s a lot of great ways to get in front of the right people, partnering with wedding planners, networking, and on and on. SEO for wedding photographers is a great approach that takes a few months to get rolling, but lands consistent leads through searches over time.

It puts your portfolio in front of your local audience who is looking for a wedding photographer like you!

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SEO for wedding photographers is a way to show up at the time that couples are searching for a wedding photographer.  

At Singletrack SEO, we take a BIG picture approach to SEO. Instead of simply evaluating your site for technical factors and keywords, we take in your business as a whole.†

We help you create a site that helps potential clients through the hiring process and to learn to trust you as an expert who will make their memories shine.

Many SEO agencies work to optimize a website for as much traffic as possible. Although this number looks great on the reports, it does nothing for your business if the searchers aren’t at the right point in their buying journey.

By targeting keywords that are the best fit, you might see less visits. However, you’ll see far more conversions and won’t be paying for vanity figures. Our strategy is all about building your site into a lead generation system that delivers the exact type of clients you are looking for to grow your business.

If you’re interested in learning more, or just to hear our thoughts on your site, please drop your e-mail and site link below and we will get back to you with a quick video audit.  We look forward to checking out your work!

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  2. Hub and Spoke Content Strategy
  3. Building out a Question based SEO strategy

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